#UltimaGenerazione #NoNewOil #CivilResistance

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We follow climate activists and members of Ultima Generazione, an Italian group known for causing civil disruption by blocking roads and targeting valued pieces of art.
Activist Martina Maldifassi is tired of her government’s slow reaction to making climate change their priority, and has decided to take matters into her own hands.
Together with her teammates, Martina is raising concerns regarding imminent climate disaster by throwing washable paint on public infrastructure highly regarded as national heritage, claiming this is the only way to grab people’s attention.
The public is outraged by such a situation, but their statement creates debate: what causes higher disturbance, minor alterations of public art or the pressing state of our climate future?

Watch The Last Generation, by filmmaker Ana Gonzalez


Executive Producer: Tierney Bonini

Senior Producer: Donald Cameron

This film was supported by The Pulitzer Center

Production Company: Eye Rise Films

Director/Producer: Ana Gonzalez

Producer: Antonia Perello

Original Music: Francisco Sokolowicz

Featuring: Martina Maldifassi

Director of Photography: Marton Kis

Editor: Andrea Yoko / Antonia Perello

Sound Designer: Alex Marais

Colourist: Marton Kis

Italian Transcriber: Cristina Capoccetti

Special Thanks: Ultima Generazione
Tom Hundley
Leo Lovati

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